Why Work With Us?

Why Work With Us?

Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:


HIGHEST SALE IN NEIGHBORHOOD! Sold $336K higher than any sale in neighborhood! 
After a failed attempt trying to sell with a previous agent, our client was bale to sell their home with CallCathy.com and it was the highest sale in the neighborhood!

Brian Barnett | Record sale in Leesburg, VA

HIGHEST SALE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Sold $110K above list price in 5 days! 
Being a past relator, Jim thought that he could sell the property himself, but at the end of the sale he realized that he wouldn't have been able to get as successful of a sale as they did!

Jim and Robin Noyes
Sold home in Falls Church, VA

The CallCathy team helped our clients sell their townhouse in 6 days for $27.5K above the list price! He was a bit weary about the commissions, but after the amazing sale said that "you get the full value with Cathy". 

Jay & Umma
Sold Townhouse in Centreville, VA


After viewing the successful sale of their neighbor's property, this couple decided to sell with CallCathy.com and sold their townhouse for $19K above the list price in 6 days!  

Sold Townhouse in Vienna, VA

After a failed attempt to sell with another agent, the CallCathy team helped them sell in just 10 days! The property appeared nicer with complimentary home staging and had multiple offers after the first open house weekend. 

Sold home in Annandale, VA

First time home buyers that found their dream home! 

Ryan and Michelle Martinez
First time home buyers

Cathy has helped our family 3 times, twice with selling homes and once with buying a home. Each time she and her team have been readily available to answer any questions and guide us through the entire process. What really makes Cathy stand out is her knowledge of the local area and comps and her  attitude as a go-getter- when she sold two of our homes we were able to get multiple offers, over the asking price, and in just a COUPLE days. Would highly recommend!

Marissa and Justin
Brambleton, VA

Cathy led me through both the sale of my current home and purchase of my future home - and I could not be happier! At times, I was a bucket of nerves, and Cathy and her team helped me regain my calm and make the necessary decisions throughout both processes. My house sold in less than seven days  and I closed on my new house the same month as closing on the old one. My offer was chosen over several others because Cathy guided me to select the best contract / buying terms for me. I highly recommend Cathy!

Sold in Falls Church, VA / Bought in Vienna, VA

We interviewed A LOT of real estate agents over a period of almost a year but when we met Cathy, she had a wealth of knowledge, had strong arguments about why we should choose her, and we decided to go with her on the spot. I should say my wife did, I thought this woman was crazy- she was talking  about getting multiple offers over and over. We've bought and sold a few homes, not a lot, but a few, and we've never had a real estate agent talk about multiple offers. I couldn't understand her focus on multiple offers and I didn't until the end. We just wanted one offer, in the price range we were looking for, but within three days of the house being on the market, we had three offers, all with escalator clauses and ended up with significantly more than our asking price! And I really thought that our asking price was too high!

I'm convinced the reason our house sold so quickly and at such a good price is because we listened to Cathy's suggestions about how to make the house look great. She has a great handyman, Arlin, and I'd encourage anyone to use him. She also had great landscape people, again very reasonably priced and very quick. Everyone she recommended did outstanding work at a reasonable price, and worked quickly. We met with Cathy, she made A LOT of suggestions. We followed most, but not all of them. And the house looked so nice, we almost felt bad moving out. She staged the house in a way that my wife and I didn't particularly care for, which we told Cathy and her stagers, but they were insistent they knew what they were doing and were adamant that we let them do their thing. We weren't happy about it, but in the end we agreed. And we did make significant, but not outlandish investments to make the house look good. I balked a lot, who wants to spend money on a house you're selling. But in the end, I'm so glad we listened to her. She has her pulse on what buyer's are looking for and even if I didn't think that's what buyer's were looking for, she knew. And I'm so glad we listened!

One thing I know about myself is that I can be a really difficult person. I'd go as far as saying that I'm likely the most difficult person Cathy's ever had to work with. When I don't like or agree with something, I say so. And honestly, I didn't like a lot of Cathy's suggestions at first, I didn't want to spend money on a house we were selling, and I didn't always agree on the things that should be done. And I wasn't shy about saying so. But in the end, we listened to her (not about everything, but about most things) and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Who can argue with the results- on the market for three days! Multiple offers (as she'd kept talking about although I thought it was ridiculous)! And our house being sold for well over our list price- which, again, I thought was too high to start with.

We would recommend Cathy to anyone. We did butt heads at times (as I said I can be difficult), but one thing I know is that when I listened to her, it paid off. She knows what she's doing and I'd trust her with the sale of our house anytime. I can't think of how Cathy Poungmalai could have done any better of a job for us! 

Mark and Kazuko

McLean, VA

We found Cathy after previously listing unsuccessfully our townhome with our property manager. We quickly realized that the expertise that Cathy brings to selling a property and the resources and networks she has in the area for repairs, upgrades, connections with other agents and the included bonus of staging a home would be a great asset to getting our home sold at the market's best price. We took Cathy's advice about almost all of the improvements she suggested and the work was done quickly. Our house had multiple offers, sold above asking price and looked beautiful. We now have a wonderful family living in our previous townhome and we couldn't be happier with our experience. She is professional, has an excellent team working with her and is an expert in her field. She is positive and responsive.

Beth and Sean

Sterling, VA

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